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I'm Tom Sennett aka "Mainstream Media" and I've been creating apps, games, and websites professionally for over ten years. As a strategist, designer, and developer, I've guided dozens of products from concept to launch, resulting in millions of happy users the world over.

You may know me from my work on a cool startup's app, my award-winning independent games, or reading about how I quit my job to travel the country living in a van. I no longer live in a van - it died in Arizona, and I found a place in South Philly - but I still get to work on exciting projects all the time. Check them out below, reach out to tell me what you're working on, and always remember to Trust the Process.

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Currently rocking

Advanced Skin Care Solutions

Salon with locations in PHL, NYC, and VT Web Development, Web Design

Dollars & Change

Donate to political candidates who share your views Product Strategy, UX/UI, Branding, Web Development

Mr. Darts

Your friendly guide in the world of Darts Product Strategy, UX/UI, Branding, Mobile Development

Special Guest App

web iOS
Entertainment marketplace backed by Damon Wayans Jr.,, and Lightspeed Ventures Product Strategy, Project Management


Navigation app to help make the world more walkable Product Strategy, Project Management

Previous hits

Parlay House

Women's networking organization based in NYC and SF Product Strategy, Project Management

Ultralight Beam

Eye-popping arcade score 'em up game with something to say
PC iOS Android Game Development

Planarian Party

Drug abuse awareness program funded by national grant through Temple University
Web Web Development, Branding, UX/UI

Fly Guy

iOS + Android version of the classic web game (w/ Trevor Van Meter)
iOS Android Game Development, Mobile Development

Hate Your Job

Floaty art game about the work grind
iOS Android Game Development, Mobile Development

Snowboarding Jesus

Touchscreen snowboarding game perfect for Christmas
iOS Android Game Development, Mobile Development

RunMan the Great

Unfinished episodic touchscreen Sonic-like game
iOS Game Development, Mobile Development

French Girls

Social drawing app - upload photos, get amazing digital art
iOS Product Strategy, Project Management

Deepak Fights Robots

Self-published psychedelic platformer, IndieCade award winner for Game Design
Web Game Development

RunMan: Race Around the World

A platformer about doing your best, having fun, and running really really fast
PC Mac Game Development

When the Bomb Goes Off

This collection of microgames depicts the last five seconds before nuclear armageddon
Web Game Development

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