A totally awesome platform game by


  • Run through 35+ levels across 6 unique and preposterous zones!
  • Complete ridiculous feats of speed to earn shiny medals!
  • Unlock 4 lovable secret characters and probably some other stuff!
  • Colorful, bright, crude, colorful graphics!
  • Classic tunes courtesy of masters like Robert Johnson, Louis Armstrong, Blind Blake, and more!
  • You can't die!


All of the music in RunMan: Race Around the World comes from the public domain. It is a unique blend of folk, blues, jazz, and other styles of music from a wide array of artists and times. Below, some examples.

The game's soundtrack can be listened to in full - just browse the oggs folder.
Big ups to Public Domain 4U and archive.org for making these groovy songs so easy to find.

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You can also talk about the game and swap ghost files on Matt's forum.

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